Gas Installation Gold Coast

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Gas Installation Gold Coast

For professional and prompt gas services or installations in Gold coast, Gold Coast Maintenance Plumbers are the plumbers to call.

Gold Coast Maintenance Plumbers are fully licensed gas safety specialists which means we are qualified to install, service and repair gas services and appliances as well as conduct gas safety inspections. Our range of services include:

•     Gas pipe fittings and repair
•     Gas leak emergency services
•     Locate and repair gas leaks
•     Gas metre installation, relocation or repair
•     Gas water heater repairs
•    Installation of gas appliances and bayonets
•    BBQ gas fittings
•    Conversions from LPG to natural gas

Don’t risk your life with a dangerous installation! Make sure you use a licensed plumber that will comply with all regulations. Gold Coast Maintenance Plumbers are registered plumbers and gas-fitters, as well as members of the Master Plumbers Association. We have with the necessary training and experience that is required for all gas fitting.

A gas leak can be extremely dangerous, even a small leak can cost a lot of money and possible health complications. Where a leak is suspected, our plumbers will be able to use gas fitting tools such as a bubble leak detectors or special leak detection fluid to test for gas leaks. If you do have a house that runs off gas, keep an eye out for signs that may indicate you have a leak including:

  •  a faint smell of gas
  • abnormally high gas bill
  • hissing noises from pipe joins

An easy test that you can carry out to check if your gas system has a leak is to turn off all the appliances in your house or apartment that operate on gas. Take a meter reading before you go to bed and then take another reading in the morning when you wake up. If your meter reading has increased it is a sure indication that you may have a leak and should call Gold Coast Maintenance Plumbers to look into this further.