Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

Need an affordable plumbing solution?


Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

Completing the job right the first time using qualified Gold Coast renovation plumbers saves money, time and headaches.

Areas of your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your renovation will require precise skills and training to complete your masterpiece, that’s why you need skilled Gold Coast renovation plumbers.

Our skilled plumbers provide detailed written quotes and will happily explain all the work you need done.

Gold Coast Plumbers have a commitment to high quality workmanship and service which positions us as one of Gold Coast leading renovation plumbers.

For expert advice, and professional plumbing for your next home re-modelling project contact Gold Coast Plumbers, we are skilled renovation plumbers.

Our Plumbers are experienced with:

•    Kitchen renovation plumbing planning
•    Bathroom renovation plumbing planning
•    Have knowledge of related construction plumbing problems
•    Are qualified with repositioning and installing all of your plumbing requirements
•    Drainage
•    Venting pipes
•    Water supply lines before your work even begins
•    Plumbing for re-modelling and replacement kitchen and bathroom renovations
•    Water leak detection & repair – both inside and outside from taps, appliances, pipes, sewers, toilets, etc
•    Hot water repairs – completed for solar, gas and electric systems on a larger range of models and styles